AMICal Sat is a student satellite dedicated to space weather purpose. It will monitor the auroral oval almost during each orbit. In details, it will take pictures of the aurora once at the limb to allow to get the vertical structures of the oval, once at the nadir the map the portion of the oval seen by the satellite .

Scientifically the data will be used to reconstruct the flux of particles coming into the atmosphere especially the electrons in the range of 20eV-10keV. Read more ...

Launch of AmicalSat

AmicalSat will be launched the 1 september 1h51 am UTC from Kourou, French Guinea. The launch vehicle will be a Vega rocket.

The TLE :

1 74001U 20500A 20246.14839410 .00000000 00000-0 50000-4 0 05 2 74001 97.4424 319.0247 0002779 53.5911 328.5572 15.10021350 09

The first 5 people who receive a frame from AmicalSat will receive a gift. To submit your frame uses the satnogs SIDS or email

Amicalsat successfully launched

Amicalsat was successfully launched, everything is nominal. We will start commissioning soon. We will keep you updated about it.

The 5 winners will be announced at the end of the week.